Individual Retreats

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Spring Walk by Valerianna Claff of Ravenwood ForestThe Earth is calling us to remember, listen deeply and align with the energy and spirit of the more-than-human world. When we find peace within ourselves, we can more easily create peace around us. Are you craving time away, time for yourself, time to be in nature, time to make art? It is essential to our health and well-being as humans to nurture ourselves, heal and find time to dream. It is also essential to our survival as a species to come back to an I/Thou relationship with All That Is, and to literally put our bellies on the Earth. We are in times of great change. Its amazing that something as seemingly small as personal retreat time is sometimes so hard to claim! At RavenWood, we celebrate the Wild Spirit that calls to  you to come, be, heal and remember your sacred and essential self.

RavenWood offers one-day affordable retreats. Use the retreat cottage as your home base, but we hope you will be outside more than in. It is very quiet here, and Valerianna and Rhu Bear, the resident cat,  are likely the only domesticated creatures you will run into. (Please note, the retreat cottage is out of commission for the 2016 retreat season, but there are a number of other options for your home base based on your needs for the day. Please contact me with any questions.)

On retreat here you can create a highly personalized day:

  • explore the forest and garden, walk down the road to the fields and pond, drive to the Chesterfield Gorge, swim at the bend
  • create art
  • choose a quiet retreat or schedule a session to help you sink deeply into the Earth during your time here
  • have a Dream Visioning session
  • receive private art instruction

For retreat fees, call Valerianna 413-296-0330. ~ Retreats offered spring through early winter.

“RavenWood is an equisite forest – it was a joy to spend time here. I experienced Valerianna as an authentic, clear, gracious and gifted healer” – Joan Hunt

Above – the retreat cottage in spring, with a bounty of lupine blooming beside. Below left, connecting in the forest, below right, August in the garden.